Sightseeing Project Introduction

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Sightseeing Project Introduction

Sightseeing Project Introduction

  • Tourism Marketing

  • Research & Development
    of Tourism team

    Attracting overseas tourists from China & other countries
  • Support outstanding travel agencies to attract Chinese & other overseas tourists

    Attract more overseas tourists from China & other countries through public relations and advertisement suitable to Jeonlanamdo, by developing specialized products, supporting travel agencies that followed competing notice forto attracting overseas tourists

  • Support travel agencies that can operate a product shop at Mooan Airport

    Attract more overseas tourists through chartered plane service for tourists at Mooan Airport and supporting travel agencies which runs tourism product shop at Mooan Airport

  • Arrange a symposium to attract international cruises and enhance competitiveness

    - BoostingIncrease cruise tourism by supporting entry into main ports in Jeonnam
    - BoostingIncrease cruise tourism by preparing road map for operation and readiness to receive

    Constructing and inviting MICE industry
  • Manage Alliance for Jeonnam MICE

    Develop effective public relations and marketing by establishing public- and private partnership of the interested MICE parties

  • Educate those involved in Jeonnam MICE and raise awareness

    Educate those involved in MICE industry to raise awareness and professionalism

  • Public relations and advertisement for MICE events

    Prepare the foundation to boost Jeonnam MICE industries by participating in national & international fairs and operating Farm Tours

  • Incentive support for MICE invitation and attraction

    Supportive incentive for successful MICE

  • Creating MICE programs like a reward tour

    Vitalizing regional specialized MICE programs

    Projects for medical*wellness*tour cluster
  • Constructing medical* wellness* tour infrastructure

    - Fostering professional human resource (medical interpreters) for medical* wellness*tour
    - Constructing a medical*wellness*tour homepage
    - Producing publicity materials in multi-languages
    - Developing Jeollanam-do medical*wellness* tour content

  • Developing medical * wellness * tour packages

    - Developing tour packages related to medical* wellness support
    - Developing a tour package with forest therapy for curing and healing
    - Developing a marine health care tour package at islands

  • Promoting * marketing

    - Familiarization tours for professionals for medical*wellness*tour
    - Participating in international events & hosting local presentations
    - Utilizing overseas press media for promotion
    - Promoting medical*wellness* tour related to international events

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